Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dicquain Poetry

Since it seems any idiot with any respect as a writer is allowed to do this, I’m going to introduce a new format of poetry. I call it the Dicquain, and it follows this format:

First line: 2 syllables
Second line: 3 syllables, superficially related to the first
Third line: 4 syllables, again superficially related, but with no attempt at narrative or expression
Fourth line: My dick is in a ... write what your dick is in, using as many syllables as you need at this point.

Samples below:

The Whistling Whitmore
                                By Dan Stewart

Darkly scream
Mired in blackness
My dick is in a shoe


 The Martins

                                By Dan Stewart
The Martins
Salesman and wife
My dick is in a living room

Have fun with this, send me yours. Let's make this a thing.

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